The Losses Can Become Lessons

I like nightmares. When I wake up, they leave me deeply valuing my reality.

— Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon)

Let’s be real, the 1st half of Monday’s game was a nightmare. I could try to come up with some fancy way to gussy it up and make it sound fancy. But at the end of the day, that would be me putting more effort into the description than the Hornets put into the entire 1st half.

That said, the team kinda redeemed themselves even if you knew the ending was going to be cruel and harsh. In fact my girlfriend (who reads these), fairly new to these Hornets calamities, texted with a minute to go asking me if the lead was safe. The Hornets were up by seven at that point. I responded with “too soon to tell.”

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By now, you probably know what happened next. The Hornets offense that was so good for the 2nd half of that game dried up. And another game that should have been a win over another middling team ends up being the latest in a rash of losses that shouldn’t have been. Even for a team in transition.

There are those out there who believe that losses like these are unacceptable, even in a transition year like this one. I’d argue they’re half right. As a fan, you might not want to see losses like Monday night’s, because it brings the back a familiar pain. As players, there has to be some learning from these losses. And while the young Hornets haven’t shown they’ve learned their lesson yet. They have the rest of the season to show their work, and because they’ve been ahead of schedule, they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt.

Now onto the fun stuff..


  • If you thought I was gonna start the fun stuff with something OTHER THAN THIS, you were grossly mistaken. I mean, let’s start with the fact that former Hornet Frank Kaminsky shorted a 3 point shot, which lead to the run out. Which leads to the most unlikely Euro step plus the foul in the league. The best part of that video though? Even though the team was down fourteen, you saw the excitement for that three-point play in Biz’s teammates. There were guys legitimately happy for one of the locker room veterans. If the Hornets go on those long losing streaks, this is the kind of details fans can hold onto. They’ll provide the moments of smiles even if the wins come few and far in between. There’s value with these moments, cherish them.

  • I’ve said it on Twitter and I’ve said it here but still, I’m going to miss Marvin Williams when he’s traded. Between him still calling out where his teammates need to be on defense to backing down smaller defenders on the block, Marvin’s been one of my favorite Hornets to watch this season. It’s almost impossible to quantify what he does for this team, whether on or off the court. And while it’s kinda crazy to say that Marvin Williams deserves to have his jersey retired. I’m not above saying that when it comes to for him to retire, whether he’s in another team’s uniform or he has one final tour of duty with the Hornets that he absolutely deserves an extensive video package tribute.


  • Look, if you know me at all, you know I love subversive things that poke fun at the status quo in a way that make you think. The other thing you should know is that when a piece is produced so well and written so perfectly that you wish you were a part of it somehow, it’s a good piece of #content. Katie Nolan’s piece on how some in the sports landscape view women is something that should be seen multiple times and then thought about in multiple lenses. If it doesn’t shift your lens either a) you’re where you need to be or b) you likely need to shift your thinking.

Song of the Game

  • Twice upon a time there was a boy who died twice/ And lived happily ever after but that's another chapter. If you need any other reasons to listen to a classic song from a classic album. Well, yeah, do it.

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See y’all later this week (I promise)